What We Have Learned From Our Customers About Customer Feedback

What We Have Learned From Our Customers About Customer Feedback

What We Have Learned From Our Customers About Customer Feedback


By Sofia Sapojnikova | HappyOrNot
4 min read

Collecting more than 140 Million feedback a year from more than 2,000 companies has enabled HappyOrNot to gather an extensive worldwide market intelligence database. In this blog, we want to illustrate the importance of customer feedback and share with you our clients’ perspective on what it means to a business to have readily available customer feedback.

The road to customer success begins with a customer focus. To continue winning the hearts of customers and have a strong customer database requires knowledge and understanding of customers needs. It also pays to know what has attracted them to your product or service in the 1st place. What brands are starting to learn more and more is that the price or wide spread availability is no longer a controlling factor. What makes a customer come back for more and do a repeat business with you is the experience they had with your brand.

The only way to get closer to customers and understand how they perceive your brand is to ask their opinion. Customers are your customer service and experience experts. It is their opinion that matters. With the customer feedback received, all departments within the company can either validate their strategies or change them accordingly. Are you measuring customer experience? If it is good, there is always room for improvement, If it is bad, knowing where improvements are needed most is necessary! From customers, brands can know if their product or service relates and how. Are you listening?
Harvard Business review says: Customer who have a good experience spend 140% more than those who had a poor experience.

Here is what some of our clients say about the benefits of having customer feedback in their efforts to measure customer experience:

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